Sheila Slone - December 1, 2013

The Magi

Road to Bethlehem

Who were the so-called "Wise Men" at the Nativity? They were Persian Astrologers, pagans who found the Good News about Jesus written in the stars. Their journey to Bethlehem reminds us that God doesn't always work inside our boxes, that everyone who seeks Truth finds Jesus.

From Series: "Road to Bethlehem"

Shepherds with their sheep. Three kings bearing gifts. A new mother, her husband and their tiny baby, resting in a manger as a star shines brightly overhead. We've all seen the nativity scene hundreds of times. But that peaceful scene hides adventure, surprise, hurt and hope. Each of those persons gathered at that manger walked a different road to get there. Join us this Advent season as we learn their journeys to the manger. Each person's story is an invitation for us to consider our own paths. What does your Road to Bethlehem look like?

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As king of Israel, Herod should’ve been first in line to the manger. But instead of focusing on representing God, Herod only sought to maintain his own throne. How can his (bad) example teach us how to find the road to God?

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