The spinning our lives experience when spiritual vertigo sets in can overwhelm and threaten to send us careening over the edge.
Forasteros calls us back to God’s story and onto more solid ground than ever.

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What do you do when your world gets flipped upside-down? The loss of a job. The end of a once-cherished relationship. Death. Or maybe the world just doesn’t make the sense we thought it should. How can we make sense out of a life that’s lost all meaning? Forasteros calls this loss of firm footing spiritual vertigo. In Topsy-Turvy, he finds solid ground in Jesus’ promise to be a firm foundation for his followers. Forasteros explores how Jesus’ way grounds us. Moving from the beginning of the Scriptures to the living rooms, movie theaters, coffee shops and cubicles of today, Forasteros demonstrates how Jesus grounds us by restoring us to our truest selves, the selves God created us to be.

Topsy-Turvy is available for contract now.

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Topsy-Turvy is written for the person who suddenly doesn’t know where their life is going. They have probably just experienced a major life change: a death, a failed relationship, an unexpected career change. They’ve just graduated from college, or decided college isn’t really for them. In a post-modern, post-Christian world, they’re open to the possibility that the Bible has answers, but they’re unsure what those answers look like. They are experiencing deep-seated dissatisfaction in their personal lives – either in their singleness or in their marriages, and in their professional lives. They’re not finding the fulfillment they thought these things would bring them, and they’re wondering if they’ve made bad decisions. They will have at least some college education and some background in church.

A secondary market will be pastors, teachers and friends looking for a way to connect with those outside the Church. Topsy-Turvy engages those asking deep, basically human questions and shows how the answers we find in the Scriptures are as fresh and relevant as the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

What’s in the Book?

Spiritual Formation
Pop Culture
Personal & Pastoral Illustrations

About JR. Forasteros

JR. Forasteros is a popular blogger and ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. He currently serves as the teaching pastor at the 1,000+ member Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene in Dayton, Ohio.  In his decade of full-time ministry, he’s cultivated a reputation for thoughtfully presenting both Scripture and popular culture with clarity, humor and insight. He connects to those who are both inside and outside the Church, frequently building bridges between the two groups.

JR. Forasteros’ unique ability to illustrate biblical truths with engaging, relevant examples from popular culture, and to understand and critique messages said popular culture is sending using clear biblical teaching, has made him a prominent voice among those Christians who want to incarnate Jesus faithfully without condemning or ignoring the culture around us.

Topsy-Turvy is available for contract now.

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