Tommy Cash - July 1, 2018

Incredibly Ordinary

The Way, Way Back

It's hard to read the stories of God's amazing miracles and not wonder, "Where's mine?" A lot of us feel less like Abraham and more like his servant - the one who never saw the action. But his story of connecting Isaac and Rebekah is a powerful reminder that when we only look for God in the miraculous, we miss God at work in the mundane.

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Written and delivered by Tommy Cash

Pixar’s The Incredibles centers on an interesting dynamic between the heroes and the villain.  Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it one why not, but two the main villain is introduced at the beginning of the story as Buddy, someone who looked up to his favorite superhero Mr. Incredible, but Buddy wanted to be a superhero more than anything in the world, but Buddy wasn’t incredible..  Buddy was one of the “other guys.”

I can totally relate to Buddy, especially when it comes to faith.  In the bible we have hundreds of stories of incredible things. Things like God audibly speaking to people, God parting the Red Sea, Jesus walking on water, Healing of the blind man, or even bringing the dead back to life.  In this book of stories, of incredible things, I would love to see one of those incredible events. I like Buddy want to jump along side my super heros and watch them, but I have never seen a miracle.

Maybe those are just old stories and God doesn’t work that way anymore.  But I was at this conference this week though and the speaker told her story of how she was lost in her life and broken and then she told us about how God audibly spoke to her, or last week when I was talking to my Dad a pastor about my ministry and he told me God always tells HIM how to do ministry, or my dear friend Rajiv a Pastor in India who tells me of incredible miracles that happen everyday.  Rajiv shared with me a story of how there was a bus full of sick kids were brought to the church and they all left healed.

I don’t know about anyone here, but I have yet to see or perform a miracle, I have yet to hear God’s audible voice telling me something or giving me the answer.

Like Buddy I don’t feel incredible, I feel ordinary.

I am out of my depth and lost and I don’t see or experience God like this in my life.  I feel like “the other guy” in all those superhero movies..

Let’s take a moment to investigate what it means to be the “other guy.”  We are going to see that we are blessed more than we realize and that God works more in Grace than in miracles. Just because we don’t see God’s flashy, we don’t see God’s incredible miracles, or hear his voice doesn’t mean God is not faithful. In Fact we see how incredible God is to the “other Guys” too, even when it does not look flashy.

When we only look for the big and flashy, we actually miss God’s grace.

Join us Sunday as we learn how to find God at work in our mundane worlds.

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