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We've seen the promise of growth that can happen when we stay where it's awkward. But how do we endure it? Paul's encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus illustrates the importance of humility - not thinking too much or too little of ourselves, but rather not thinking of ourselves at all.

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We often hear that humility and being humble are highly prized attributes.  Whether it be in rap songs, gospel songs, or actors at the academy awards saying how humbled they are to be receiving their award. But often humility, in our culture, smacks of insincerity.  We go out of our way tell people about this super generous or self-sacrificing thing we did so they will think we are a down to earth humble person.

We have actually perfected this idea of humility in the way of the “humblebrag”. To humblebrag means to say something self-deprecating but what you’re actually doing is trying to tell everyone how great you are. My favorite one that my family likes to say is,

I’m so humble, I should write a book about it.

We have developed this sort of twisted view of what it means to be humble. We think it must mean that you hate yourself or you must be worth less than other people. Or we can focus too much on our friends not thinking we have a big ego rather than actually understanding what humility is. We can end up replying to compliments by says “oh, I’m not even that talented” or telling people how we “didn’t really deserve that award”. Or on the extreme end we put ourselves down in hopes that others will rush in and build us up.

So often we consider these words to be humble when they really aren’t.

What is true humility? Why it is so important? Pride can land us to some pretty awkward moments.

Humility can save us from embarrassment and keeps us in line with God’s will.

Join us Sunday as we explore how humility can help us discover who God calls us to be.

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