Ashley Bekkerus - April 14, 2019

Disappointed with God


Failed expectations can really hurt our relationships. What happens when we get disappointed with God? Palm Sunday invites us to ask the question: Do we think God is on our side? Or are we making sure we're on God's side?

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This sermon written and delivered by Ashley Bekkerus.

Since this is a safe place, I have a confession to make: I hate The Office.

Now, before you crucify me, I don’t hate it just to hate it; i actually hate it for a legitimate reason. I had a bunch of people tell me that it was the funniest show that they had ever seen – and i knew that it had gotten pretty popular – and I had been a part of a 2 hour conversation with some friends with them laughing at all these scenes from the show, while I sat on the side, extremely bored because i had no idea what they were talking about. So, I finally decided to watch it. And i hate it. I was told that it was this hilarious show, but it just comes across as mean to me. I’m still watching it, hoping that it will redeem itself somehow, but as of right now, I really really don’t like it.

All of my expectations of that show had been set – it’s a hilarious show, even a show that you could sit and talk about for hours, laughing the whole time – but when i actually encountered it, it failed those expectations tremendously. And, anyone in this room who likes The Office can attest to the fact that failed expectations can be extremely awkward because i’m sure you don’t know what to say now, since you love the Office. I don’t think that these failed expectations will affect our friendship because it’s just a TV show. My husband and i have differing opinions on TV shows all the time and we’re managing just fine, but failed or unmet expectations can be a lot more serious than that.

A lot of relationships fail because of unmet expectations. And that’s even more true when God doesn’t meet our expectations because this is one relationship that we put a lot of stock into. Often times, we’re given expectations of God that fail us. So today we’re going to be talking about what it looks like to deal with those failed expectations and to have faith that God is doing what we need and not necessarily what we want. And we’re going to talk about what it means to say to say that we’re still on God’s side, even if God doesn’t give us the step-by-step PowerPoint presentation of how it’s going to go down.

We say we are a people of the kind of faith that God is working for our good, no matter what; that God will at the very least carry us through.

Join us Sunday as we learn how to face disappointment with God.

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