JR. Forasteros - June 30, 2019

Rooted in Serving


We know Christians are called to serve. Through our serving, those we serve come to know God's love. But the inverse is true, too. When we serve, we come to know God better. How is serving a pathway to know God? How can we be sure we're getting to know God better when we're serving?

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I recently joined the Arts & Humanities Commission for the City of Rowlett. There are seven of us on the commission, and when we all introduced ourselves at our first meeting, of course I told them I pastor Catalyst church here in Rowlett. A couple of meetings later, one of the other members, Tamra, told me before the meeting that she had found our YouTube channel and watched a few of our gatherings. She said some kind words about my preaching and I thanked her.

But then, a couple of months ago, when I walked into our meeting, she jumped up from her chair and said, “JR. you have the best church.” I agreed with her, of course, but I had no idea what triggered this reaction. I told her as much and she said, “My brother and I volunteer at Life Message, and some people from your church serve there with us.”

It turned out she was talking about one of our C-Groups, the Booth C-Group, that meets on Wednesdays and serves at Life Message once a month. “They are the nicest, kindest people. Of everyone we serve with, they are the best!”

I don’t disagree. That exchange was one of my prouder moments since I’ve pastored here at Catalyst, in large part because this wasn’t a one-time encounter. Tamra’s impression of Catalyst – and by extension, of Jesus through Catalyst – came as the result of repeated, continual and faithful service. Our C-Group, through their service, became pictures of Jesus.

Serving is a pathway by which we come to know God better. It’s true that when we serve, those we serve come to know God better. But it’s also true that when we serve, we get to know God better.

That’s because when we serve, we’re imitating God.

The more we act like God, the better we get to know God.

Join us Sunday as we learn how serving helps us know God better.

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