JR. Forasteros - June 14, 2020

How to Read the Gospels

How the Bible Works

The Gospels are ancient biographies. Their goal is to lead us to imitate Jesus' life. So how do we read the Gospels such that we focus not just on Jesus' death, but his life? How can we learn to imitate Jesus?

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A lot of you know I’m a big movie buff, but one of my least favorite genres is biopic (or bio-pic, which I don’t think sounds nearly as slick). Part of it is that they’re often about people I’m not that interested in. I never saw Walk the Line because, while I enjoy Johnny Cash’s music, my grandpa was the one who was obsessed with him. Me, not so much.

But the other part of it is that they all follow the same basic story arc – you get some childhood stuff where they were a genius but not accepted by their parents or something. Then some trouble finding their place as a teen, then fame, which leads to failed relationships and substance abuse before finally conquering it all, finding true love and having it all.

Maybe my favorite thing about biopics is the “What was really true?” articles that always come out afterwards. Because as much as I find biopics overplayed and generic, I really love learning about the real people I admire. I really do love the true stories about people who didn’t fit in finally finding their place and their people. I feel more connected to the musicians, artists and activists when I learn they’re like me. Or maybe, that I can be more like them.

I mention biopics this morning because they ask the question, “What makes a life valuable?” Today, we’re going to explore the Gospels – the four stories of Jesus’ life we have in our Bible. We’re going to ask how we read these stories such that we meet the one who inspired them. Because the Gospels are about much more than Jesus’ death.

They’re about his life, a life that stood with the vulnerable and outcast, that challenged the powers that be, and that ultimately offered himself to rescue us.

Join us Sunday as we learn how the Gospels help us live bold, courageous lives.

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