JR. Forasteros - November 22, 2020

Pilgrims in COVID

Catalyst in the Time of COVID

It's hard to be a pilgrim when you can't go anywhere. But being a pilgrim is more than just a desire to travel. It's a commitment to seek God in the unexpected. And we've had plenty of unexpected this year. So how can we seek God in the disruptions of 2020?

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A lot of you know I’m a huge astronomy nerd (and nerd in general). When I was in second grade, I had read all the books in my little elementary school’s k-3 half of the library. It took some wheeling and a good bit of dealing, but I convinced the school librarian to let me check out books from the 4-6 section of the library. The first one I got was a book on the moon.

Do you know how the moon was formed? The most popular theory is called the Impact theory. Essentially, something like 3-4 billion years ago, when our solar system was still coalescing, a planet the size of Mars collided with Earth. As you can imagine, such a collision was cataclysmic for both planets. The other planetoid shattered, and its fragments became the moon.

And poor Earth – the collision set Earth on a trajectory to develop oceans, and oxygen. And life.

That’s right – without our moon, life would look very different here. We wouldn’t have tides (or werewolves!).

This cataclysmic collision actually created the conditions under which life could emerge on earth.

I want to talk about what happens when people collide today. We’ve all probably had some people come into our lives, relationships that felt cataclysmic. And, especially if you’ve had one or two of those encounters, it’s easy to become inward focused. Protective.

We’re going to talk today about the risk of remaining open. Even in the face of difficult, challenging relationships. Because the truth is: cataclysm isn’t the end of the world. It might just be the beginning of something new and beautiful.

God created us to need each other. God created us to need relationships with each other to open us up.

Choosing to remain open helps us to know ourselves, our neighbors and our God better.

Join us Sunday as we learn to find God in our disruptions this year.

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