JR. Forasteros - January 3, 2021

Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Christmas at the Crossroads

The New Year is a great excuse to soar up to 30,000 ft and look at the big story of God's plan. Christmas isn't a day or even a season. It's a new reality Jesus invites us into. Now we can all be part of God's giant story of redemption!


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What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever given? My wife makes fun of me because I’m really bad at one particular aspect of giving gifts – the waiting part. As soon as a gift shows up, I want to give it to her. I just can’t help myself. Giving gifts is one of my major love languages, and I find it really hard to wait.

Unless there’s a scheme afoot. I’ve been known to plan elaborate treasure hunts here and there. And for a number of years now, my wife and I have celebrated the 12 days of Christmas – so starting on Christmas day, we give each other gifts for 12 straight days. Since today is the 10th Day of Christmas, we’ve got some gifts to exchange a little later – and for the next two days!

12 days of Christmas is incredibly fun – it’s a great way to keep the spirit of celebrating Jesus’ birth going throughout the whole Christmas season. But it takes some discipline and planning. Discipline not to just give all the gifts on that first day – otherwise there’s nothing left for the other 11 days!

And planning because I want to be sure to find 12 distinct gifts, ready to wrap and deliver each day.

As we’ve already covered, planning and waiting isn’t my strong suit when it comes to gifts. But it’s worth it, because there’s little better than the perfect gift at the perfect moment.

We’re going to explore the Christmas story as God’s perfect plan at the perfect moment.

We’re going to wonder at what it means that we get to join in God’s perfect plan.

Join us Sunday as we celebrate God’s rescue mission – and our part in it!

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