JR. Forasteros - March 14, 2021

The Miracle of a Cross

Bad Deal

It's one thing to ask if Jesus is really with us in hard times. It's quite another to ask if we're willing to stay with Jesus in those same hard times. Jesus wants us to have a mature, vibrant faith, one that is strong enough to support us as we follow him everywhere - even in the worst times.

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How many times have y’all had to participate in trust building exercises? Maybe it was in couples’ therapy. Or in school. Maybe in the workplace. 

I have a confession: I love those sorts of activities. I know most people hate them, but I think they’re so much fun. (What can I say: I’m an extrovert and I love games.) So whether it’s a trust fall or an obstacle course, sign me up!

We’re going to talk about trust today, so I was reviewing a bunch of these exercises. I think my favorite is the Blindfold Obstacle course. If you’ve never done this one, you set up an obstacle course – you can do it as simply as using chairs and string or something. Then you pair up. One person wears a blindfold and has to navigate the obstacle course. The other is only allowed to direct their partner using verbal cues. Stop! Turn left! Five steps forward! That sort of thing. 

This is a trust-building exercise because the person wearing the blindfold has to obey despite the fact that they can’t see. It also reveals how differently we communicate. You can’t complete a blindfold obstacle course without learning to communicate and trust.

Communication and trust – two essential aspects of a strong, faith-filled relationship. That’s true for our relationships with each other – romantic partners, business relationships, friendships – and it’s true of our relationship with God. 

What do trust-building exercises with God look like? That’s a trickier question, and one Jesus shows us the answer to.

Let’s explore how Jesus teaches us to grow a deeper, faith-filled relationship with our creator.

Join us Sunday as we learn how Jesus’ cross is an invitation to freedom.

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