JR. Forasteros - May 2, 2021

Not Like the Others

Church in the Wild

If you were to make a list of people least likely to want to know Jesus, who would be at the top of that list? Paul's encounters in Acts 16 were a strong message to the early Church that no one is off limits. The Holy Spirit is working in even the wildest among us!

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This Sunday, we’re going to be outside, worshiping together.

You can click here to get the song lyrics and scriptures.

And the big question is: Who is the least likely kind of person to follow Jesus?

Someone of a different religion?

Someone who’s super-rich?

Someone powerful?

The truth is: there’s no place too wild for God, no person too wild for the Holy Spirit to captivate. Are we paying attention?

Join us Sunday as we learn to spot the Holy Spirit at work everywhere – especially in the least likely places.

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