JR. Forasteros - February 27, 2022

Back to Reality

Deep Breath

Who ever wants to come back from vacation? Or go to the office on Monday? Or leave any of those places where we feel free to be most fully ourselves? Jesus shows us that God invites us into these spaces not to hide, but to receive strength and courage to take Jesus' love to the world.

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What’s your favorite space?

Places we feel safe and loved tempt us to remain there. But Jesus shows us that these spaces gift us strength, courage and assurance we need to go back into a dangerous world with God’s good news.

We’ve spent the first part of this year taking a deep breath. But of course after the deep breath comes the exhale.

When we’re filled with God’s Holy Spirit, it’s so we can share that Spirit with the world around us. It’s time to exhale!

Join us Sunday as we follow Jesus into the world.

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