One of the biggest teen movies of the 90s just got a gender-bent reboot last year. How many of you are old enough to remember She’s All That? The 1999 film features Freddie Prince, Jr. as the most popular guy at school, dared by his best friend Matthew Lillard to risk his reputation on dating the least popular girl at school – Rachel Leigh Cook.

Last year, Netflix released He’s All That, featuring the TikTok generation. Can the most popular girl in school survive dating a total loser?

I think we like these stories because we’ve all felt like outsiders at some time or another. Most of us feel a lot more like the loser than the popular kid. So we like stories that remind us that the loser isn’t really a loser – they’re a really great person who’s just like the popular kids, they just don’t buy into all that popularity stuff.

Except, at the end, the new couple (spoilers… these are rom-coms) are still largely at the center of the school’s social circles.

And that reveals something worth exploring today. Because we’re going to see that the early church wasn’t popular. Especially in the first decade or so of its existence, we were comprised almost entirely of losers and outsiders, to the point that people who were popular – or at least normal – didn’t want to be associated with us.

So… when did the Bride of Christ get She’s All That-ed? What did we lose in the process? And how can we recover what we lost?

Join us Sunday as we find Jesus among the losers and outcast.

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