This sermon was written and delivered by Vanessa Hewitt.

This Summer at Catalyst, we’re going on a quest for spiritual transformation. To help us get at that, we’re spending our summer with La Familia Madrigal from Encanto. The nine magical Madrigals correlate with a tool utilized in Spiritual Direction called the Enneagram.

This week, we’re focusing on the second of Mirabel’s older sisters, Luisa. Mirabel calls her and her other sister, Isabela, the ‘beauty and the brawn’. Luisa is the brawn. She’s built like an Amazon and her power is strength. Is the church foundation failing – Luisa will fix it. Your house leaning a bit – Luisa’s got you covered. The donkeys escaped their pen – no need to hunt for them – Luisa will find them and carry them home. There is no burden too heavy for Luisa to shoulder and everyone expects her to carry their loads – that’s what Luisa does.

She’s strong, she’s brave, and she’s whoever everyone else needs her to be – at least on the outside. 

Do you know that person? The strongest, the smartest, the fastest, the “whateverest” person in the room – the one others rely on to get things done and expect to lead the way. Sometimes when you see these people out of whatever context you normally interact with them, you may not even recognize them. They morph into whatever “est” is needed. And while relying on them for their strength or intelligence is super beneficial to those around them, their need to be seen as the best can make them a bit braggy, especially when they are feeling less than successful.

Friends, you may just know an Enneagram Three. 

And if you’re thinking, “Of course those who can do more should; and even if they can’t really do it yet, you fake it ‘til you make it” and/or “a little self-promotion never hurt anyone” – you might just be a Three.

Threes are incredible, and they are revered in our do more, be more, accumulate more society. Their drive for success at any cost is what our nation was built on. Their willingness to do whatever it takes to deliver is the stuff that makes a boss’ heart sing. If you need to get something done, you want Threes on your team.

But we’ll see today what self-aware Three’s already know – their need to be seen as successful, to be valuable to those around them can lead them down a path of deception to the point that forget who they truly are and lose sight of their value, instead settling for masks, shortcuts, and half-truths.

Threes, how can you find freedom to be your true self and enjoy the life God has given you? And how can the rest of us love the Threes in our lives well?

Join us Sunday as we learn how Threes help us know God’s faithfulness in working to heal the world.

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