This message is written and delivered by Sonya Brown.
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Music is one way people from different generations can connect with one another. 

I was surprised that my teen son likes Phil Collins and started playing the song, “In the Air Tonight.” I was a baby when the song came out in 1981. But who can resist that iconic drum fill. My son is the DJ when I’m driving and it makes me happy when he plays music that I grew up with like Radiohead or Nirvana.  

What’s your favorite song? Is there a throwback song that you love to listen to? Does this song bring you back to a certain time, place, or memory? 

Certain songs have become a statement that represents a specific generation. These songs usually are inspired by being counter cultural and have a rebellious attitude. These songs may call out the political, social, and financial landscape. It may have an empowering message of how to rise up over political, social, and financial injustices and oppression, even to break generational curses and trauma. There’s Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song “Fortunate Son” that was released in 1969 that spoke of the hypocrisy of the privileged and wealthy sending others less fortunate off to war.  There’s the song “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke that speaks of racial segregation. This song was used for the Civil Rights movement. Songs can connect people in the midst of oppression and can be powerful to unite and inspire. 

Music has a way of creating a multigenerational connection.

How does God connect with the current generation? What does God have planned for the generation yet to come?

God’s way of connecting isn’t by consuming the latest and greatest new thing. God’s way of connecting is allowing us to be who we are. God allows us to express our joys and frustrations. God hears the songs that we sing and shout. It could be rebellious music and feeling like an outcast of punk music. It could be the longing of a calmer life and being outdoors riding a horse in country music. It could be soulful rhythm and blues music that the Black community created in times of segregation and used music as one of the forms to strengthen their community and identity. God hears and has a revolutionary statement that calls you to be who you are.

God is also revolutionary because he calls out injustices and oppression. This God also reveals how life could look when we choose the restoration God offers.

Join us Sunday as we hear God’s invitation to be restored!

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