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What’s the last time you were asked to do something you felt really unqualified for?

<interview with Amanda>

I don’t know anyone who enjoys feeling unqualified. We want to know we have the competence to do the things we’re called to. We want to feel proud of what we’ve accomplished, and when we step into something we’ve never done before, we want to know we can do a good job.

We don’t want to fail. 

We don’t want to look like fools.

We don’t want to end up worse off than we were before.

But the reality is that God is doing something new among us. And you know who’s qualified to do new things?


I want to consider what it looks like when God calls us to an uncertain future, when all we have to rely on is God’s promise.

Not our skills or expertise.

Not our experience or training. 

Not our talents or qualifications. 

Just God’s promise to be present, to guide and provide for us. The truth is, friends, God’s faithful presence with us is all we need.

God has a long history of putting us exactly where we need to be, if we’ll trust and offer a faith-filled Yes!

Join us Sunday as we discover how God is faithful to equip us for the mission God calls us to!

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