If Only in My Dreams

Christmas is a season of new life, of impossible possibility. Joseph illustrates for us the sort of faith that finds hope in the most unlikely places. As we approach Christmas, how can we attend [...]

Social Rhythms

One of the biggest struggles throughout the pandemic has been the loss of our social rhythms. We don't see our co-workers, our friends or our families nearly as much as we once did. This loss of [...]

Testing God

It's natural to ask where God is in tough times. But according to Scripture, that desire to test God is a sign of an immature faith. How can a mature faith carry us through troubled times?

Food and Fun

Some of our strongest temptations involve our cravings - food, sex, attention, connection. Why is desire so powerful? And how do we live with our desires so they connect us to God rather than [...]

Making All Things New

We often struggle to see where God is at work, especially in times of personal or cultural hardship. How can we learn to see God all around us, continuing to create new goodness? How can we learn [...]

What is the Bible?

Everyone knows reading Scripture is an important element of a vibrant faith. But can we be honest? The Bible is really confusing. Knowing what we're supposed to take from it is tough. This [...]