Debbie Reese - August 29, 2021

Social Rhythms

How to Get Your Groove Back

One of the biggest struggles throughout the pandemic has been the loss of our social rhythms. We don't see our co-workers, our friends or our families nearly as much as we once did. This loss of social interaction has taken a toll - because we were created to know and to be known. So how can we reclaim social rhythms? What does the practice of hospitality look like in our new reality?

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This message was written and delivered by Debbie Reese.

This summer our family went to a wedding of two of my friends from work.  This was the first wedding event we have been to in several years since the restrictions were lifted. My lucky husband is used to me dragging him to weddings of former students or colleagues where he knows no one, but this time Caleb our ten year old was also attending with us. 

As we found our assigned table I was happy to see we were sitting with a couple that I have known for many years and another couple that I had never met, but no kiddos were at our table for Caleb to talk to.  

As the six adults sat, drank coffee and ate yummy food we all chatted and caught up on what life had been like since we had seen each other several years ago.  Caleb popped in and out of our conversation about the vacations, jobs, what life had looked like the past few years and just general life.  

At one point the DJ announced the couples’ love for Legos and there was a Lego people making table to create our very own Lego selves!  Caleb jumped at that activity and quickly came back with our Reese Lego family (as seen here). Casey and I showed off our Lego selves??  to the table and giggled at the details Caleb put in. A few minutes later he came back and had created another set of Lego people for one of the couples sitting at our table with the gentlemen’s bald head and a briefcase for the job he did. A few more minutes go by and the Lego Master Caleb is back with another creation for the third couple. This time he had included the women from both couples and they had matching hats because they had run out of hair!  The men had accessories for their occupations too. He had really sat and listened to our conversation and created memorable Lego people for the others sitting at our table he had never met before. 

Post COVID Caleb sat down and talked to strangers and he was ok with it-we can learn a lot from kids. 

Even though he was the youngest in the room, he demonstrated true hospitality – something the rest of us could learn from!

Join us Sunday as we learn how we can recover our social rhythms even in the pandemic!

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