Jonathan Sprang - May 29, 2016

Inside Out

Inside Out

INSIDE OUT claims that sadness is actually good because it fosters relationships. In the Church, we avoid sadness as a negative emotion, but the Psalms teach us to make room - lots of room! - for grieving even in our worship. How can the Church recover the gift of grief?

From Series: "Top 10: Movies"

Star Wars. Avatar. Up. When a story resonates with so many people it becomes a blockbuster, we should ask, "Why? What is it about this film that resonates with us?" People of faith can gain a window into desires of our culture, and we can discover how the Spirit is at work, that we might join in!

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Elements are the basic building blocks of life. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon – the simplest substances that combine to form everything that makes living possible. What are the basic elements of the life Jesus calls “truly life”? In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul tells us that only three things last forever – Faith, Hope and Love.

What are these essential elements? And how do they combine to create our life?

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