JR. Forasteros - August 14, 2016



A lot of people are trying to convince us that the world is getting worse and worse. But the truth is, God is at work everywhere around us, bringing life and healing. HOPE is what we call trusting God’s promises are true, even when we can’t see how.

From Series: "Elemental"

Elements are the basic building blocks of life. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon - the simplest substances that combine to form everything that makes living possible. What are the basic elements of the life Jesus calls "truly life"? In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul tells us that only three things last forever - Faith, Hope and Love. What are they? And how do they combine to create our life?

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Star Wars. Avatar. Up. When a story resonates with so many people it becomes a blockbuster, we should ask, “Why? What is it about this film that resonates with us?” People of faith can gain a window into desires of our culture, and we can discover how the Spirit is at work, that we might join in!

What can we learn about faith by interacting with the stories our world loves?

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