The Aurora Killings: One Way to Help

I’m not going to say much about the Aurora killings, due in large part to this excellent article. But like everyone else, I wish I could do something to help out.

If you want to do something to help one family of a victim of the Aurora killings, here’s how you can get involved:

A guy named Matt McQuinn was one of the 12 victims. I didn’t know Matt, but he grew up in Springfield, OH and two of my good friends, Anthony and Abby, were in youth group with him.

Matt’s mom doesn’t have the money to get him home and bury him, so some of her friends have banded together to raise the $10,000 she needs to make this happen. As of writing, they’re only about $2,000 short.

UPDATE: The fundraisers easily met the original goal, so increased to $15,000. One week after this initial posting, they’ve raised a little over $12,000 to help cover all Matt’s parents’ costs. Thank you for all your help!

So if you want to help in one small way to bring some healing to those affected by the Aurora killings, you can give.

Click here to donate.

Here’s more on Matt’s story.

Love Wins by Rob Bell

Bell’s book is a lot to chew on; it’ll certainly reward several close readings. But it is well within the bounds of Orthodox Christianity, and asks some very good questions (it’s far outside the bounds of Orthodox New Calvinism, and some people mistake that for the whole of the Christian tradition, but rest assured they’re deluded). We need to be talking about Heaven, Hell and the picture of God that lies behind them. It’s a fun read and very accessible.

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