True Story

As of today, I am the Interim EPIC Pastor for my church family at Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene.  Jason, EPIC’s founder and lead pastor is moving to Olivet Nazarene University to become [...]

Film Review: Toy Story 3

It’s become trite to say Pixar can’t make a bad film.  So it’s probably no surprise to anybody that Toy Story 3 is great.  But words really do not do this film justice.  Pixar has demonstrated [...]

Practice Makes Perfect!

Clichés become cliché for a reason, and “Practice makes Perfect” is no different.  I grew up playing baseball, and you could always tell the teams that practiced from those who didn’t.  My team [...]

Jesus on Fire and Holy Prayer Grenades

Once I preached at a church on worship.  After my talk, we entered into a period of reflection and prayer, and a couple approached the altar.  The husband moved behind the pulpit, [...]

Your Flair

Last week, I wrote about using specific, concrete examples to help your audience better grasp your point.  Today, I want to explore that further. The best content in the world won’t change your [...]

Book Review: Columbine

On April 20, 1999, I was a senior with less than a month left of my high school career.  Seventh period had just begun when our English teacher came into the classroom with tears streaming down [...]

Speaking of… Concrete

In this series, I’m exploring some of the techniques I’ve learned to make a speaking presentation more effective. I am very much a ‘big picture’ type of person.  I don’t like to focus on the [...]