Christian Monsters

Why does every culture tell monster stories? It’s a fascinating question. An excellent book I’ve been reading lately by Scott Poole suggests that monsters are a safe way for us to [...]

Guest Post: Sex and the Act of Worship by Nicole Cottrell

I met the Nicole, also known as the Modern Reject at Catalyst a couple of years ago, just as she was launching. I’ve been amazed at how quickly MR has become a community of people who love [...]

Film Review: Sucker Punch

We might applaud Snyder for making a film that’s fun to watch and has a lot more brains than most of this genre. But ultimately, his film fails to empower. It only furthers the cycle of violence [...]

Bringing Sexy Back?

I want to wrap up this series by reflecting on the conversation PETA has started with these ads, and what we might learn from them. PETA’s work is important, and worth our attention. While I [...]

Like a Virgin

Naked celebrities are one thing, but what happens when PETA mis-appropriates religious symbols? In my last post, I began to discuss PETA’s controversial ad campaign featuring nude celebrities.  I [...]