The Best Picture: What Should’ve Won

Everyone knows by now that "The King's Speech" won Best Picture 2010. But it shouldn't have. Here's my take on which film deserved to take home the Oscar, and why... I'd love to hear what you think.

127 Hours

James Franco plays Aron Ralston, who cuts off his own arm when he gets pinned under a boulder while hiking in Utah. The movie is gruesome but beautiful. It’s a great warning against too much [...]

Black Swan

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen Black Swan yet, consider yourself warned: there’re lots of spoilery bits ahead in this refraction! Black Swan is the latest trippy thriller from Darren [...]

True Grit

Spoiler alerts! If you haven’t seen True Grit, you may want to shy away from this review, as it’s got quite a few spoilers (major and minor) in it. You have been warned… True Grit is the latest [...]

Film Review: Toy Story 3

It’s become trite to say Pixar can’t make a bad film.  So it’s probably no surprise to anybody that Toy Story 3 is great.  But words really do not do this film justice.  Pixar has demonstrated [...]