Page CXVI Good Friday to Easter

I’ve been a huge fan of PAGE CXVI for nearly two years now. This band reimagines old hymns, giving some classic Christian songs a beautiful update.

Last year, they began an audacious project: to write an album of songs for the whole Church calendar. That looked like three albums: Advent to ChristmasLent to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to Easter. I got the first two albums right away and listened to them non-stop.

The final album, Good Friday to Easter comes out tomorrow, and I can tell you that it’s fantastic.

I’d rather you not ask me to rank the three albums, but this final album is just flat-out stellar. The first three songs are almost painful as they walk with Jesus to the Cross (and face our denial of him).

The final four tracks are glorious – triumphant, exuberant, beautiful. I had to quit listening to them because they were really ruining my Lent (I mean that in the best way!).

Click here to preview Good Friday to Easter.

Buy the album here, beginning Tuesday, April 15!

And check out this video preview of the song “Three”:

Enjoy Good Friday to Easter! May it shape your Holy Week as powerfully as it has mine.

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