Josh Mounce - May 17, 2020

The Gifter

Winds of Change

God gives us the ability to participate in the Church by empowering us. These abilities are gifts from the Holy Spirit. These gifts enable us to serve each other, to imitate Jesus. So... how do they work?

From Series: "Winds of Change"

We're stuck inside. Life feels still, even stale. We long for the world as it was only a couple of months ago. And yet, as on that first Easter day, Jesus is still at work. God is on the move, working newness even in locked rooms. The Holy Spirit is the breath of fresh air we need. How can we learn to spot the Spirit at work around us and within us?

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God calls us to be loving, joyful, peace-making, patient, kind, generous, gentle, faithful and self-controlled. This list of virtues is as inspiring as it is intimidating. Which of us can say we’re any of these, let alone all of them? Paul’s letter to the Galatians reveals how we come to embody these virtues: not by working at them, but by giving the Spirit space to change us.

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