Matt Mikalatos - September 12, 2021

Beginning the Journey

Journey to Love

What does it take to love well? How do we receive love well? Our journey to love begins with making sure we're ready. And a big part of that is... just showing up! Guest speaker and author Matt Mikalatos invites us to begin the journey well.

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This message written and delivered by Matt Mikalatos.

The Journey to Love is your first step toward learning to accept love from others and to love those around you.

Love. Real, experiential love is ever-present in movies. But in real life, finding love in our everyday lives and relationships is elusive. In this collection of 40 short, story-driven readings, Matt Mikalatos shows you how to open yourself to experiencing love, to become aware of love in the world around you, and to set aside control to embrace the wild, untamed vulnerability of loving and being loved.

This is an easy book to read over 40 days-or finish in a couple of hours. Reflection questions and exercises will help you process the teachings, whether you ponder internally, journal your journey, or discuss with friends. The goal of this trek is to find yourself more loving and to be able to receive more love. Are you ready to join the Journey to Love?

Join us Sunday as we learn how facing the pain of grief begins the process of healing.

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