Welcome to the last Number of our Catalyst Enneagram Summer. We’ve been looking all summer at different personas we develop to protect our true selves. And today, we finish strong with the Enneagram Seven. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Don’t worry. We’ll get there. For now, I want to tell you about 0ne of my favorite Enneagram 7s:

Han Solo.

That’s right – Han Solo of Star Wars fame. The Rogue with the heart of gold. Han is always up for a new adventure, but he doesn’t like to stick around when things get tough – in fact, the big surprise of the first film (that’s Episode IV) is that he decides to come back just in time to save the day.

But even as he begrudgingly decides to stay and help the rebellion, he can’t seem to get in touch with his real emotions. There’s that famous scene where Princess Leia confesses her love for Han and all he can reply is, “I know.”

And of course, in the sequels, we learn that Han and Leia eventually split up, that Han couldn’t face the pain and darkness involved with his son, so he left. He went back to skipping through the galaxy, hyperjumping from adventure to adventure.

Friends, that’s a classic Enneagram 7. It’s not a coincidence that Han’s one of the most popular Star Wars characters. 7s are awesome. They’re fun. But it’s possible to be too fun. So much fun you’re not there for the really important moments. 7s, you model for us God’s spirit of play and joy. But you know deep down that life isn’t all fun and games.

How can Sevens learn to slow down and be present when the rest of us really need you?

Join us Sunday as we learn how Sevens can flourish, and how the rest of us can help.

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