The Book of Revelation

JR. Forasteros - November 28, 2012

Week 10 - The End

Week 10 - The End

The Lake of Fire, the End of Evil and the New Jerusalem: The Revelation reaches its stunning conclusion with a powerful vision for what the Church can be today!

From Series: "Revelation to John"

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The Revelation to John is the Bible’s scariest, most intimidating book. But it’s not the End of the World! This podcast will explore the book of Revelation. We’ll take the book on its own terms, learning to hear what the original audience would’ve heard.

The Book of Revelation is a message of hope, written to Christians struggling to remain faithful in a faithless culture.

Download the powerpoint and the notesheet. If you missed, you can still participate. We’ll see how fun reading the book of Revelation can be!

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YOUR TURN: What experience do you have with the Revelation? What did you think of week 1?

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