On June 9, I had the privilege of appearing on Drew Marshall’s very excellent radio talk show.

Drew’s a former pastor who’s taken to the airwaves to talk about… all kinds of stuff Christians don’t usually like to talk about. You can listen to Drew every Saturday at www.drewmarshall.ca

He decided my blog would be a good fit, so he called me up and we chatted live on the air! I had a blast – the interview was fun and funny. Check it out, or listen to it here, on Drew’s page.

Here are the posts we discussed in the interview:
  1. Review of Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll
  2. My series on Dexter Season 6
  3. My response to John Piper, “Jesus Got a Sex Change (Sort Of)
  4. My series on The Hunger Games
YOUR TURN: What did you think of the interview?

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