Simon SinekTo be a leader, you only need followers. A follower is someone who volunteers to go the direction you point.

There are 2 ways to get people to follow you:

  1. Manipulate (fear, peer pressure, price drop)
  2. Inspire (Apple, Harley Davidson, Southwest)

Manipulation works but those strategies don’t breed loyalty.

All Inspiring Leaders use Golden Circle

Simon Sinek's Golden CircleFew organizations can articulate WHY. Why did you get out of bed? Why should anyone care?

  1. Know why
  2. Discipline of How – Hold yourself accountable
  3. Consistency of what. Everything resonates with your Why

When all these align, we model authenticity. What we say matches what we do. This engenders trust with our followers.

Start with Why to build trust.

Trust is born out of Values and Beliefs. Trust enables selflessness. With Trust, people work for our Blood, Sweat and Tears. Without it, they work for our money (at best).

Trust, belief and faith all live in the feeling part of the brain, not the rational side. We often don’t act on fact. All we have is the undying belief of a person who can put it into words clearly enough that I can see it too. We always choose uncertain, intangible future that’s clearly communicated over known quantities.

When we have a clear sense of direction, we’ll achieve. Without direction, we wander in the wilderness, count our steps and call it progress.

Catalyst MakeLeaders point, provide support and direction. To lead is to give to those who choose to follow. Ask these questions (which mirror the Golden Circle):

  1. Do you believe what I believe? (Why)
  2. Do you share my values? (How)
  3. Are you consistent? (What)

It’s better to disappoint with a truth than to please with a lie.

YOUR TURN: What’s your organization’s Why? Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

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